DETROIT EXPRESS is the bi-weekly periodical newspaper in the Russian language that addresses all of the advertising and media needs of Russian-speaking community members of our state. The main purpose is to inform and educate the community about the American lifestyle in general and notify our readers about new businesses, stores, services, and other offers that could be available to them.

Although many of our readers no longer struggle with English, our Russian language based publication still makes it easier to grasp major local news, information about community events, and other important data such as listings of doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, mechanics, repair shops, dealerships, stores, restaurants, and entertainment centers. Our cultural group is often unable to obtain such vital information elsewhere.

WE`RE CREATIVE. Our newspaper features editorials and analytical articles on various subjects, including current events, economy, employment, worldwide and local news including developments from the USA, Russia, Israel, and Eastern Europe, interviews with politicians and celebrities, interviews with members of our community, recreational pages, movie and plays reviews, poetry and short stories by local authors, real estate news, crosswords, horoscopes, ongoing literature contests, photo beauty tournaments, and much more.

WE DELIVER. FREE! Start your FREE subscription to the Detroit Express and enjoy having all of the great regional and international news delivered to your doorstep every two weeks.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: FREE Direct Mail to all Subscribers / Russian Grocery Stores / Restaurants / Shops / Offices / Salons / Libraries / Apartment Complexes / Adult Day Cares and more! in Metro Detroit area and Michigan.

DEMOGRAPHICS. Our readership consists of approx. 58% men and 42% women, and as it is natural in the Russian and East European Jewish communities, they are well-educated professionals who typically own homes, and report an average household income of $85,000+

  • Publication:      32p, Bi-Weekly (2/month)
  • Delivery Day:    Friday / Saturday
  • Format:             15”x11”, newsprint, color/B&W


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